Happy 26 months, Porter!

I first met Sara when I was still in graduate school. KKBFF was in Sara’s class and working under Sara for a construction company.¬† KK BFF and Sara were fast friends, and once… Continue reading

Seattle 1.1

August brought a little trip to the Northeast to visit Ragan, one of Anna’s good friends from Auburn. If Ragan could have a personal hashtag it would probably be #radiatepositivity. She is one… Continue reading

Seattle 2.2

In the neighborhoods, there are random “look-out” spots which are basically mini parks. Perfect spot to sit on a bench and watch the sunset. The Space Needle an essential stop. Yes. It is… Continue reading

Ahoy, it’s a Boy!

Jessica has exactly one month until her “due date”.. Grayson, we cannot wait to meet you! You will be the first boy in the group!

Emmerson Turns One!

Emmerson Jean, I cannot believe you are already 1!!!! I am so thankful I was able to come to Auburn and celebrate your birthday with you and your ridiculous hilarious crazy wonderful family.… Continue reading

Evelyn Nicole

I stopped in for a quick visit to see Evelyn, Kristen, and Foz. Evelyn didn’t want to participate in the photo session, but we did get a few good ones, I think! Everyone,… Continue reading

Lucy Bess

Baby celebrations continue… My oldest friend, Abby, and her handsome husband, Korbin, are expecting their first baby in July! A few weeks ago we had a little shower for Miss Lucy. Unfortunately I… Continue reading

April Showers bring…

Evelyn Nicole! Saturday afternoon we found out Jessica is having a boy. Sunday afternoon was spent celebrating Kristen’s girl!!!

Rifles or Ruffles?

Saturday, April 12th Celebrating with ice cream sundaes, we “got the scoop” on Baby Benak. Grayson Fisher, we cannot wait to meet you!!! You are adding a much needed touch of blue to… Continue reading

Before The Leaves Leave

Before the leaves leave the trees… It’s probably about time I update a little something about the last 3-4 (5-6)¬†months. I live in a new house now. As entertaining as it was having… Continue reading